Vehicle Tracking System

Live Tracking for Live Business

TrakSave Fleet is the best value solution that provides you with all the right tools to know exactly where your drivers and vehicles are 24/7. All the information is right there at your fingertips.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking


A small self-contained GPS device plugs into the diagnostic port of the vehicle (or optionally wired in) to transmit the vehicles position via the cellular network. You view this information online, in real time, overlaid onto Google Maps via a web browser, using all of the powerful features of Google Maps that we are familiar with, including traffic and street views.

TrakSave will monitor the vehicle maintenance schedule ensuring vehicles are arriving on-time and where they should be, both in and out of hours, and alert you when a fault occurs in an operational vehicle.

If your business operates a mobile fleet or field based workforce can you afford to be without this insight?


TrakSave couldn’t be more intuitive making it easy to pick-up, use and immediately benefit at first logon. User friendly documentation is available, as is human support from the developers over the phone. Your staff won’t be needing lengthy training courses to streamline TrakSave into your day-to-day operation.

TrakSave works for you, not vice versa!


Rest assured that TrakSave Fleet is part of a complete suite of mobile resource management solutions delivered by the Alamein Advantage. As your requirements evolve, the solution can be expanded to support your growth and success beyond simple tracking.