TrakSave is best value in the industry for affordable peace of mind.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Live Vehicle Tracking

Monitor your vehicles 24 hours a day with location updates received every 30 seconds. Your vehicle fleet information is always up-to-date and readily viewed on a live map with vehicle, status, speed and location displayed alongside.

historic playback

Historic Playback

Replay what happened in your fleet minute by minute going back over a year or more if you need it.
Break down your work into individual trips and view the routes taken their mileage, drive time and idle times.



Improve management decisions by providing accurate statistics including total driving time, distances, and max speeds over flexible periods including a day, week or month. Reports are available against individual vehicles or the total fleet to identify high utilization and driving behavior anomalies such as excessive speeding.

If you need something special plug directly into your data using a spreadsheet or give our experts a call and we’ll help you capture the data you need.



Have the system alert you when your vehicles are not where they should be when they should be or choose to receive an email when they require scheduled or unexpected maintenance.

Hours of Service

Hours of Service

The TrakSave HOS application is the industry’s simplest to operate, most flexible to implement and most affordable E-Log solution fully compliant with FMCSA final ruling and Canadian DOT ruling for HOS, fully integrated with DVIR.

fleet management

FLEET Management

If you need a full on fleet management system take advantage of our integration with Fleetio one of the industry’s leading fleet management companies. TrakSave provides key maintenance data such as locations, odometer readings and diagnostic trouble codes while Fleetio brings the data together to provide a complete fleet management package allowing you to keep track of the true costs of running a fleet of vehicles.