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Alamein has been specializing in the delivery of mobile solutions since 2000.

Our mobile solutions platform provides full end-to-end delivery of vehicle tracking services and extends mobile capability to office-based systems. Our hosted technology solutions have been proven internationally in distinct sectors such as taxis, chauffeurs, couriers, international haulage, patient transfer and community transport.

TrakSave FLEET

Originating in the UK, we expanded our operation into Canada to better support our clients in British Columbia and in 2012, launched our low fee, simple but exceptional GPS-Fleet Management Service – TrakSave Fleet. Our customers say TrakSave Fleet is one of the best ways for companies to reduce costs and more effectively manage their fleets.


vehicle tracking improves workplace efficiencyImproved workforce efficiency – the use of accurate and up-to-date information between the office and the field enables higher work volumes, improved working environment and reduced training needs and service disruption

vehicle tracking reduces costsReduced costs – manage the use of operational resources in real-time, resulting in the effective management of your workforce and a reduction in expenses such as fuel

vehicle tracking improves customer serviceEnhanced customer service – through your knowledge of the status and whereabouts of your vehicles you can keep customers updated of the impact on the delivery of their service

vehicle trackingProvable legislative conformance – capture key information that demonstrates your adherence to your Duty of Care responsibilities

fleet vehicle trackingLessened environmental impact – reduce or eliminate the use of paper-based systems, and reduce the usage of fuel